2017 Catalyst Schedule

Special Event


Learn more about our region’s growing med tech startup community before Catalyst kicks off. The Dayton ESP Med Tech Showcase will showcase 11 local med tech startups to interested investors and medical professionals. Separate registration is required.


Catalyst Registration, Networking, & Exhibitor Booths

Special Event


Learn more about the new fund that SPGlobal is bringing to the region based on their Transformative Corporate Formation model for commercialization and get updates on two of last year’s Catalyst event companies, GlobalFlyte and S.A.Wyze. Separate registration is required.


Opening Remarks

Culture Firestarter

Startup Pitches

  • Andrew Cothrel, Safe Care Tools
  • Caroline Cao, Endo Guidance Technologies
  • Karen Posey, WoundAI

Risk Firestarter

Startup Pitches

  • Nick Ripplinger, Battle Sight Technologie
  • Lisa Novelli, kColumn
  • Charles Nick, Third Wave Water

Diversity Firestarter

Startup Pitches

  • Arielle Jordan, Curafied
  • Jason Terry, GreenSpace Enterprise Technologies
  • James Bridgers, Road-Aid

Action Firestarter

Closing Remarks


Networking, Exhibitor Booths, & Cash Bar

2017 Catalyst Entrepreneurs

Nick Ripplinger

Battle Sight Technologies

Nick Ripplinger and Bennett Tanton, both of who are combat veterans, founded Battle Sight Technologies LLC (BST) in 2017. The sole mission of BST is to produce products that support war fighters, law enforcement agencies, and first responders. They are accomplishing this with their first product line the MARC, which is a pressure activated chemillumenecent material that can be produced in the visible and infrared spectrums to improve communications on the battle field and covert operations. The products are currently in the prototype phase and will hit the market summer of 2018.

Arielle Jordan


Curafied is a platform where digital curators and tastemakers can earn monthly subscription revenue from their strongest followers by sharing premium content.

Caroline Cao

Endo Guidance Technologies

Endo Guidance Technologies provides innovative guidance technology to enhance surgical performance and reduce risk for patients and clinicians, as well as reduce costs and time spent in surgery.

Jason Terry

GreenSpace Enterprise Technologies

GreenSpace Enterprise Technologies, Inc. is a venture-backed occupancy management automation company specializing in providing occupancy management and meeting room scheduling solutions that are cost-effective, globally scalable and easy to maintain. Our solution is a comprehensive, globally uniform, simplified architecture solution that is easy to deploy. With our years of experience in the industry, GreenSpace can provide the insight you need in order to launch a successful occupancy management program that drives end-user adoption.

Lisa Novelli


KColumn, LLC is targeted to be a full service company to revolutionize the traditional CNC Milling industry into a new level of manufacturing processes focusing on efficiency and quality. It is anticipated to have a full staff of skilled application engineers to support industry in the use and creativity to achieve the maximum benefits the KColumn has to offer. We anticipate working thru the existing distribution network of both machine tool builders and work holding providers to the machining market. The Kcolumn system gives the machinist more creativity and flexibility in milling parts. It is a non-traditional approach offering ease of use in programming and efficient in change-over of jobs.

James Bridgers


Road-Aid provides State, City and Local Governments and supporting companies the ability to see and act on distressed road data accurately and reliably (such as cracks and potholes). Using proprietary machine learning algorithms that inventory and analyze the extracted road features we provide governments detailed information about their roadways that support project financing, justification, and road treatment decisions.

Andrew Cothrel

Safe Care Tools

Safe Care Tools™ is a provider of scientifically designed medical safety products. Its flagship product line, the AnesthEZia Saf-T-System™, is designed to dramatically reduce the opportunities for human error in the anesthesia medication preparation and administration workflow, while simultaneously relieving anesthesia production pressure, improving drug charge capture, and reducing drug losses and waste. Two system components, the AnesthEZia Saf-T-Tray™ and the AnesthEZia Saf-T-Holder™, were launched in October 2017 at the annual Anesthesiology Society of America show. The AnesthEZia Saf-T-Station™ for pharmacy use is under development and launch is expected 1Q18. SCT is seeking: 1) distribution channel partners with anesthesia and pharmacy access and relationships, 2) partner organizations to collaboratively provide a seamless and automatic medication tracking capability for the entire medication life cycle, 3) anesthesia provider collaborators interested in studying the clinical and economic/workflow impacts of the AnesthEZia Saf-T-System, and 4) regional account leads to establish broader use of the product suite.

Charles Nick

Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water, located in Cedarville, Ohio, was born in a conversation between two coffee fanatics trying to solve a long-standing coffee issue: water quality. Taylor Minor and Charles Nick launched the company by sponsoring and displaying their product at the Barista Guild of America’s event, “Bloom” in Chicago, Oct. 26-28, 2016. Since then the product has been sold in all 50 states and over 50 countries and was recently featured on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank.

Karen Posey


WoundAI is the best way to accurately and consistently measure wounds to avoid $500M each year in re-admissions.

There are millions of cases of chronic wounds in the United States, and the numbers are growing. Over 6.7 million Americans will suffer from chronic wounds. Diabetes, increased age, obesity and other factors all contribute to the rising number of chronic wound cases. This is a serious problem. WoundAI is a software wound measurement, analysis and documentation service utilizing proprietary software and an imaging device that can avoid $500M in hospital re-admissions, $1.6B inpatient amputations, increase the productivity of a wound clinic by $400,000/year.

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